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This is a forum for builders of Warre Hives and Beekeepers who keep bees in Warrés.
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June 2019


 Forum Thread Organization

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PostSubject: Forum Thread Organization   Forum Thread Organization EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 9:02 pm

[Quote] J. Ferguson (Admin) wrote:
I think if you deviate very far you have in a sense invented a different style of hive and should call it something besides a Warré.

For myself this first year I am going to build as close to the drawings as possible and as I gain experience I may deviate and look for ways to innovate.

Wall thickness is a good topic for discussion because it encompasses two problems. What to do in climates that are not like France and what to do when metric materials are not available. For example I bought 3/4" pine and 3/4" cedar and they are not the same thickness. The cedar was thicker because it was only planed on one side. [Quote]

I believe you have invented an Excellent Thread.
What IS a Warré Hive?

This may be quite instructive, esp for Warré WannaBees, et al, to include,
~"Those who stray from the path." LOL!

A Perfect Newbie Topic if ever there was one!

I'd suggest a outline, to be fleshed out as we go and filled in, could comprise essentials, (perhaps later numbered for ease of reference,) optionals, (as Warré saw fit to mention,)
and "deviations" that *some* folks of present day may feel deviate from Warré's thoughts according to his day, that he may have accepted in light of more modern tools and knowledge, but which some may find arguable.

While wall thickness will creep in now and then, perhaps the main of THAT issue is a proper SubTopic in and of itself, or past of a Thermodynamic Thread. Certainly it will be some small part of many threads in a limited manner as it affects so many things, albeit in a small way; shape to a small degree, joinery, materials used, (i.e., plaster & straw,) et al.

Perhaps using Chapters from his book, we can see how to begin setting up some of these Thread lines, in advance. I seem to see this in motorcycle forums. At times, Moderators even determine (and/or ask) about better thread groupings, and seem to move some old posts to entirely new threads they have just placed. And *how* to do all this, is a Thread in and of itself. This removes it from distracting, here. The issue of Forum Organization affects all, but interests only a few, until it's obvious it is lacking.

What might comprise a list of all "required" The Main Warré Topics?

Placing those early, will add to list attractiveness. And organization, or lack thereof, has been made a main bug-a-boo and villain of eLists. I feel it is typical to do this in these style forums and incumbent upon Moderators and many early & interested members to set these up, and do so early in the game. They will of course expand over time.

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Forum Thread Organization
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